The best portals for programmers to improve and share their knowledge.

We have thousands of questions and doubts. We don’t know even where we can ask that. Programmers will be looking for a better place to discuss with other programmers. Here are some of the best platforms for knowledge gain and discuss.


StackOverflow boasts a community of 100+ million users who are serious about hone their coding skills. One can quickly ask questions (after signing up) on this site, or answer questions asked by others — whilst a guest.
It hosts questions in numerous programming languages, platforms, and services, and therefore, the top ones among them are JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, Android, jQuery, python, and HTML.
It’s up-vote system helps people get quick answers after posting a question, and therefore, the stringent moderation ensures people get straightforward answer or mention of places (links) to seek out them on the web.


Quora hosts informative content created and shared by its users. Although it deals with a good sort of topics and a majority of the answers you’ll find here are opinions from experts, it proves to be a valuable resource for programming and software development information.
After signing up, you’ll ask questions by clicking on Ask a question and answer questions by clicking on the Write button within the top bar.
There isn’t an inventory of categories or topics you’ll ask or answer so, it’s best to form an enquiry on Quora to seek out any required info. A number of the supported topics you’ll find here include Java, C++, Android, Python, Ruby, HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript.

There’s an up-vote system where you’ll award or get points supported the standard and relevance of the solution, and you’ll also view stats for your answers.


For a significant programmer who values useful information, Reddit has long been one among the simplest places to go to.

It has several communities that holds discussion about particular interests and topics including programming languages, computers, Internet, and more. One can easily post a link or submit an issue after signing up for the location. The programming Subreddit is for discussions about coding and development. You’ll check out:

  • C++ for discussions and news about C++ or programming in C++
  • GameDev, a haven for game aspirants and active game developers, where they discuss game engines, programming hitches
  • AndroidDev, a well-liked community that hosts news, tutorials, and other helpful information about Android app development, and more.


StackExchange hosts Question & Answer communities where people can ask and answer questions. Experts vote on posts and confirm that helpful answers are easier to seek out. You would like to urge an account to start out checking answers or answering a question.

Its 149 communities include:

* Programmers: where professional programmers can bounce off concepts about software development

* Programming Puzzles: where people play, solve, and program puzzles

* Super User: a discussion group for power PC users

* Web Applications: for users and developers of web applications

* Game Development: where independent game developers can ask questions

* Ask Ubuntu: a gaggle of Ubuntu newbies and super-users, and more.

Programmers Heaven

Programmers Heaven offers resources including Question & Answer communities for developers and offers help in multiple languages and applications like C and C++, Visual Basic, Java, VB.NET, PHP, and python.

Posts are categorized under groups like Programming Languages, Applications, Mobile & Wireless, Operating Systems & Platforms, Software Development, Web Development, etc.

The site places an issue tag next to question posts and an Answered tag beside answered ones (you also can locate and answer unanswered questions quickly).

Discussion lists shows the amount of views and comments for every post, which helps to seek out popular topics to look at. To start out using this site, make an enquiry for required info or check in and discuss others’ posts.

There are many platforms like this. So with these we can discuss with many programmers and improvise ourselves.




Everything Starts from Zero!!!

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Everything Starts from Zero!!!

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